Buried Alive

by Terry Williams

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What ever happened to the legacy of Tupac?
People acting like they forgot about B-I-G
I guess I gotta rap til they remember me
And overlook every enemy, trying to intervene
My social life done really took a hit though
In two years I lost everything I loved... man
I was like fuck it, I ain't mad, I didn't have time
Cause me and Chase was popping bottles in the club,
On a Saturday... On Sunday I asked the pastor to show me the difference
That's all my daddy ever taught me in life
Every time I say I wanna quit,
My mama say "you need to quit that shit, you'll be alright"
So now I'm in the dark fighting for my life, getting my ass whooped
But I keep the dope rhymes for your heart nigga
Broke As Fuck wasn't the first look, and it won't be the last look


I hope you niggas take me serious this time around
I hope you know you're only safe if you out of bounds
Cause then you're in the stands with the fans
I need you to appreciate who I am
I hope you niggas take me serious this time around
The people say I'm loony, they say I'm out of bounds
But sometimes you gotta lose to be the man
I'm me, I don't expect you to understand

My level of comfort won't be there until I conquer
But my arrogant side would say give me year
What happens to the legends in the movies when you turn the power off?
When it's off, do they disappear?
I wanna live forever, I'm no Leonidas
I won't die in battle... I'll never die nigga
And from now on if you ever see a rapper get a chance to be the man
It's because I didn't try nigga
I make these songs in my heart then give them to you
Sometimes I wonder if it's pointless
But when it's dark God whisper "Terry do what I put you hear to do."
My feet bloody, my grandma love me
She was born in poverty, "keep running boy"
Echo in my mind, you search deep you find forever
I know it's beating, but it's getting better
I know no limit, I don't know no better
In two years I lost everything I dreamed off
I lost my mind for a minute, trying to cope
Trying to cop grams... I gotta put the green up
I say "I rap," a rapper say "say, what's your theme bruh?"
I mean, the shits embarrassing
You saying, if I rap about weed, I'm a weed rapper?
Even Em? Nas, and Jay? Nah, nay
I breathe life in there raps every day
So I don't give a mother fuck what a nigga gotta say
I'm in this bitch til I'm grey, Til I blow like McVeigh
Hear to stay, til I'm ghost... til my body parts decay
Now they're tugging on me, "don't leave... Terry stay!"
Fuck a list of contenders, I'm trying to make em all remember
Who at the motherfucking top nigga?!
Remember me? Terry Williams nigga, cross my "T"
I don't lose no sleep, cause I don't sleep
I'm up, grind, up, repeat
Why sleep? Why bother? Why sleep?
When a dream is all I see
I'm trying to see reality
The black sheep causally trying to raise my salary
Yeah, let em know to put my seed in the concrete
And watch that seed grow

I ain't dead yet


released May 15, 2013
production: Black Soil



all rights reserved


Terry Williams

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